Got a Ticket?

No problem. Let The Ticket Fixer go to court for you.

Drove under the influence?

Don't let it ruin your life.

Got a warrant?

The Ticket Fixer can eliminate your warrant and keep you out of jail.

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What We Do

The Ticket Fixer can help with a variety of traffic-related issues.


The Ticket Fixer resolves thousands of traffic-related issues every year for its clients, for both Las Vegas, NV residents and tourists alike.

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The Ticket Fixer works for our clients to expedite and resolve all legal aspects of their DUI cases to help you get your life back on track.

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Rest assured that The Ticket Fixer, an actual Las Vegas law firm, can eliminate any and all outstanding arrest or bench warrants.

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Meet the Ticket Fixer

Tried to fight my own ticket the first time. I had to make 4 court appearances, and still had points on my record. The Ticket Fixer is well worth the money.
Andy M
Las Vegas
We recommend your service to all our drivers for the lowest fine reductions and consistant results in other courts that many other lawyers dont even work in.
Tom M
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