Compare Us

At The Ticket Fixer we realize that you have many options when choosing who to hire for your traffic ticket, DUI, and warrant resolution. The following are a few things to consider when you compare The Ticket Fixer to other attorneys, law firms and non-law firms (illegal in the state of NV) who are soliciting comparable services.

You’re Hiring an Actual Law Firm

Avoid Traffic Ticket & DUI resolution services who are not actual law firms. Businesses that solicit traffic ticket, DUI and warrant resolution services that are not law firms are illegal in Las Vegas and the state of NV and are unable to properly represent your case to ensure that you are receiving the best results in court.

Focuses on Traffic Tickets, Warrants, and DUI Resolution

Many ticket lawyers and law firms offer cheap ticket resolution services as a means of promoting their legal practice in another field. Consequently these firms often place less priority in getting clients & service. At The Ticket Fixer you are hiring us to provide a legal service, not to perform a favor and we will always treat our clients cases accordingly.

Bargain Basement Legal Services

You get what you pay for. And gambling with your record to save a few dollars can often cost you hundreds or even thousands in the long run in court levied fines and insurance rate increases. Don’t settle for having someone represent your legal interests who is going to do the bare minimum because they were paid the bare minimum.

Open Client Communication

As a client, you are entitled to know the legal status of your case. At The Ticket Fixer, we welcome client communication and believe in our clients right to stay informed and up to date on the standing of their legal situations.

Can Resolve Traffic Violations Received on Federal / BLM Land and Indian Reservations

Did you receive a ticket in a state or federal park? The Ticket Fixer is the ONLY traffic ticket resolution law firm who offers to resolve tickets received on federal and state managed land including the Red Rock loop, Lake Mead recreational areas and Indian Reservation Courts.