Traffic Tickets

The Ticket Fixer of Las Vegas, NV is the first and foremost Traffic Ticket law firm in the State of Nevada. Our law office resolves thousands of traffic ticket related issues every year for Las Vegas residents and tourists alike.

As a law firm, The Ticket Fixer will work to ensure that no demerit points are placed on their driving record and we will eliminate the need for traffic school. In almost all cases clients will not even be required to appear in court.   Some clients outcomes may vary due to the specific circumstances or their cases.

Our law firm can handle any traffic violations regardless of circumstances or severity including reckless or aggressive driving, high rate speeding, red lights, speed contests, accidents, DUI and all other traffic matters.

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Call our law office at 702-257-7171 during standard business hours or complete the online form below for a FREE, no obligation legal evaluation. Upon initiation of service The Ticket Fixer will appear in court on your behalf saving you any disruptions in your work or private schedule.

As an actual LAW FIRM who represents a high volume of clients, The Ticket Fixer is always able to negotiate the best resolution possible. In most cases traffic tickets will be reduced to non-moving violations.

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